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Valentine's Day Hearts 3.5" Window Clings. Suncatcher Rainbow Window Film Stickers. 18 Decals with bonuses!

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Decorate your windows using these beautiful rainbow prismatic sun catching window clings. The added benefit of possibly warning birds that this is a window - and preventing collisions. The decals stick to the window using static cling - so no adhesives and glues. They are movable and reusable! They are truly stunning in bright light, and add warmth in low light. Remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West -- for best results, use windows facing these directions.

This set includes 18 clings - See the last image for the sizing scale. We include bonus clings in every pack!




Shipping & Returns

Shipping :

Items are shipped in 24 to 72 hours after you have placed the order. 

US Orders $35 and over ship for free through USPS.

Upgrades and additional details available at checkout.

Care Instructions

Each package comes with instructions


After cleaning the window well, apply the film or clings with the smooth side toward the glass.  If applying window film, remove the backing first.

Spray a little water or wiping the glass with a damp cloth first helps them stick.  Use a cloth or squeegee to remove bubble or excess water.

You can rinse the film or clings off if they get dirty.

If any bends occur during shipping, simply use a hair dryer or soak in warm water for 10 mins.

***When your window and clings are cold, you may need to warm both up for maximum adhesion by using a hair dryer***