About Us

We all want to express ourselves and what better way to do it than through personalization in vinyl! Do you want to add your name to your tumbler? Check out our inexpensive single word items. Do you want to put your company name and logo on a shirt? Sure thing- check out our custom iron on items. Do you want to add your company info and logo to your vehicle? Heck ya! We can do that too! We can cut up to 23” x 72” with guaranteed accuracy. There is no question that we won’t answer and we pride ourselves on responding quickly- usually within the hour (unless it’s 11pm to 7am EST 😂). A girl’s gotta get her beauty sleep in.

In 2013, I saw a small sign made from license plates that said "create." The sign appeared on a TV show that I was watching and I thought "what a great idea" - I could make almost any sign using license plates - and I started to do just that. I began by selling my signs at my friend’s booth at local craft shows. While at one of the shows, a customer suggested that I look into selling on Etsy. The rest is history! I've started off small and slowly. Just 5 listings for the first 2 years.

Unfortunately, arthritis has taken its toll and I can no longer create the license plate art in the volume I did. I didn't want to give up on what had become my outlet from work - being a police officer for 25 years also has taken its toll. I looked into ways to continue my store and found vinyl art. While I do make a lot of names and basic decals, my true love is designing logos and converting customer's designs so they will cut in vinyl. There have been so many amazing drawings that have come through my store, and I've been able to convert most of them into vinyl designs.

Because I can no longer police, I now run the Criminal Justice Program at our local college. I absolutely love teaching, but am building this business as I approach retirement. Thank you to all who have ordered from me - and for those of you who are about to place an order, you won't be disappointed. Just let me know what you want and I'll do everything I can to build it.